"Radical: Taking Back Your Faith from the American Dream" - David Platt

"Radical" was a very compelling book, full of examples and experiences of church and the Christians inside of them operating with, as Platt describes, "a Christian spin on the American dream."

Platt shows the radical commitment the disciples & apostles had to carrying the Gospel to the ends of the world, no matter the cost & compares that with our immensely watered-down gospel, as found primarily in Westernized Christianity.  Throughout the text, Platt not only provides examples of how we've gone wrong, but also discusses the power Christ's name still carries throughout the world, where people are pursuing God with reckless abandon.  He provides a call-to-action for Christians everywhere to return to the fundamentals of the faith & recognize the radical commitment Christ's message compels us to hold.

David Platt graduated from NOBTS not long after Hurricane Katrina hit.  He shares the reality he and his wife faced in the days after the hurricane: they had lost everything, with a very rare chance to start completely over in life in terms of possessions.  But, he also accounts that he missed that mark.  Within months, he was called to lead a mega-church in Birmingham (The Church at Brook Hills), found himself in a larger house than he'd lived in before, which required more stuff to fill it.  

Platt isn't one of those hyper-radical nuts that say burn all your CDs (not in the good way hehe), throw away all your secular stuff, etc.  He does, however, make the case for Christians to put all worldly possessions in perspective & focus instead on the reality of God's message needing to be declared to the roughly 4.8 billion unsaved people throughout the world.

Platt is the real deal, too.  He speaks in the book of several trips he made to Indonesia & China, primarily; however, he doesn't mention how he went about these trips.  Professors at the seminary speak of the fact that Platt would fly into the most remote areas of China, bringing the gospel to people who, in some cases, had never seen a white man before, eventually working his way back to a major city to catch a return flight home.  One professor I had stated, "don't be surprised if, in a couple years, he trades in everything, leaves his church and moves to live in the slums of Indonesia or wherever."

The week before the book was released, David Platt spoke in chapel at NOBTS (4/29/10).  His sermon was entitled "Gospel Theology Necessitates Urgent Missiology." (note: that is a direct link to the sermon.. if you would like to download it, click here and scroll down toward the bottom of the page to find it)  His message was very powerful and heartfelt, summing up the core ideas found in the text.  We were able to purchase advance copies of the book that day, so I had finished reading through it before it was ever released.  It quickly found itself on the New York Times Bestseller List and, in my opinion, the success of this text is well-deserved.  I definitely recommend this book to all Christians because we all need to re-evaluate our focus on the radical message of Jesus Christ and what it means to follow Him.

In a bible study I am in right now, we are working our way through the book.  This is my second time through the book, but I am still getting a great deal from it.  I'm sure I'll have more nuggets to post from the book as we continue through our study.


stay tuned

hola mis amigos. it's been over a month again since i last updated this thing.. i'm really not doing so well at keeping this current.. probably why i don't have hardly any readers..

i have, however, come up with an idea to make this blog be much more frequent in its updates (personifying the blog haha), more relevant in its information, more enjoyable and hopefully more beneficial to you, the reader. i am going to start writing small reviews on the books i am currently reading.. to still be coupled with (hopefully) frequent updates of life and all that jazz (read like the song hehe)

i went into this summer with a stack of about 7 or 8 books i really wanted to read and people are always asking about particular books, books to recommend, etc. so this will be a good way to provide you, the reader, with my take on the books i am reading, as well as give me the opportunity to look back and remember what i liked or didn't like about the book. i started looking at my bookshelf and realized a couple (not many) books on there i hadn't ever read.. so i put them in my stack of books to read. i don't want to have any books on there that i've never read because.. well, i can't really provide any feedback on it or recommend it to someone if i've never read it myself.

the books that will be coming in the near future range in topics from refuting calvinism to a small book about angels (they gave it to us for free during red carpet week at seminary).. from open theism to renewing our passion for God.. i'm excited to begin reading them.. and to re-read others.. and to enlighten you on how they were.. who knows, maybe my reviews will cause you to read one or more.. or perhaps you could suggest some to me.. that'd be great too!
i leave sunday morning at 5am, headed for daytona for Student Life's college camp thingajig at the beach.. not really a camp.. we have a ton of free time and its for college students so the entire day doesnt have to be booked up like it is with youths, but anyway, Louie Giglio, Chris Tomlin and Matt Redman will be there for sure.. plus others most likely.

shortly after we get back from there, i leave the next monday (19th) for kansas city for the national worship leader conference.. where several leading worship leaders will be conducting seminars, etc.. including (heh) Chris Tomlin and others.

soon after I get back from that trip, I will be headed to Boston with the family to visit my brother for a few days.. i'm looking forward to that trip for sure.. well all of them really, but whatever.

the summer so far has been pretty laid back, focused on VBS and schoolwork for the most part, but its about to get quite adventurous.. traveling the country in just a few short weeks.. well i guess, mostly just east of the Mississip..

anywho, stay tuned. reading has already commenced, i just haven't had the time to write reviews yet. but 2 books are already down for sure.. more to come.