only time will tell

i've had a hard time keeping this thing updated.. not sure if it is because i find myself a lot busier lately with school or if its because most of the things that happen on a regular basis don't seem all that blog-worthy. but then i end up posting novel-long blogs that no one ever reads - or comments.. =/ so maybe i'll start posting more pointlessness, or maybe my life needs to become more eventful, and thus, blog-worthy.. hehe =)

i started playing tennis again. i forgot how much i love the game. its very close to an addiction. i'm still no where near as good as i used to be.. my serve is garbage and my control still needs to be tweaked/fine-tuned, but its getting there.. and even on my bad days, i still love to play. a group of live oakians have started going every saturday, but i need to play more during the week too.. so if you want to play, hit me up (even if you've never played before.. always fun to teach somebody)

i made a 97 on my first greek test, which i was pretty excited about. i thought i did fairly well (mid to high B) but i never thought i did THAT good.. i'm pretty well caught up in all my other classes. the only concern i have right now is a 30 page paper due for my philosophy of religion class in about 2.5 weeks.. i'm caught up on all the reading and everything, but it continuously looms over my head. i'll be glad when it's behind me.

for quite some time now, i've been seeking my own plans/desires with regard to the chicas (and we see how good thats all worked out for me huh? haha), but lately God has been revealing more and more clearly to me that i need to focus on Him first and foremost, allowing His plan to be fulfilled in my life, trusting what He has in store for me, not pretending to think i know whats best for me.. i read an article that basically speaking, said that we can't truly be prepared to love another human being the way God intended unless we are completely content with being loved solely by Him. it is through that relationship that we learn what true love means, that we are blessed in all aspects of life, including our worldly relationships.

only time will tell what God has in store for my life (in all areas), but thats not an end destination, its a life long pursuit.. constantly pursuing Godly passions and Godly desires. my prayer though is that i hold fast to those ideals and not be swayed into my own pursuits through the desires of the flesh.

much love. trent.

p.s. my dad had surgery thursday to repair his torn rotator cuff. the surgery went well and he is recovering well so far, but its a very long recovery process so please remember him in your prayers as i know it will likely get very frustrating at times being so limited in what all he is able to do.

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BWatts said...

awww poor pappa barnett! such sad times! aaaannnnddd...
CONGRATULATIONS!!! hooray for your test thats so exciting! i cant believe you didnt tell me! loser
well i totally enjoy your rants and raves on this here blog so keep it up! haha and lets play tennis!

p.s. LLAMA!