sir hiss

quick video update for y'all to enjoy. that chirping sound is back and with a vengeance. i don't know why it does that, but i don't hear it on a regular basis.. it's only audible when i playback the videos.. who knows??

anyways, hope you enjoy. oh and btw.. the "sir hiss" reference is from disney's version of robin hood.. "hypnosisssss can cure you of your psychosisssss.. ssso eassssy"

love, trent.


BWatts said...

hooray for video! haha and i read all of your blogs i just dont always feel like commenting you dont comment on all of my blogs....so ha

Anonymous said...

that's not a gay snake, it's a snake that's celebrating mardi gras.

Anonymous said...

keep postin the political blogs...im sure ppl are readin em. just too lazy to reply. haha :)