It has been far too long since I have updated, which seemed to happen much too often over the past year or so.  This past semester was super crazy as far as workload went: I allowed myself to get behind in schoolwork and spent the end of the semester playing catch up the whole time.  I'm still waiting on getting all of my grades back, but I have 3 A's so far.  One of the other classes should be an A.. the other class though is what is kind of worrying me.  I'm just glad to have it behind me, regardless!

Over the semester, I started doing some book reviews on this here blog and slacked up, but I am again tackling my stack of books so be on the look-out for more of those reviews coming soon.  I'll try to do a better job reviewing them too.. My previous reviews weren't all that well written.

This past semester, I took a class called "New Testament Greek Exegesis: James" where we translated the original Greek from the Book of James into modern-day English.  The class was incredible and I got a ton out of it.. Our professor broke up James into passages of about 7 or 8 verses for us to work on per lesson, so all of our translations were completed in a course workbook.  We had some other papers and stuff due too, but at the end of the semester, I decided to take all of that and compile it down into one document for easy viewing for years to come :) I tried to find a way to just link the file on here, but I couldn't figure it out.  Anyhow, I uploaded it on Google Docs so you should click this clause and go read my work :) (btw google docs did some crazy weird formatting to the text when it got uploaded so its kinda weird when you first look at it, but thats not how it was intended haha) all of the date, author, etc. information at the beginning is very consolidated.  We did an entire research paper on that so I consolidated all of that down to make it easier to read and more approachable.

Also, on my original blog from back in the day (xanga.com/lenurd... if you ever get really bored, go have fun reading that haha), I always did a "year in review"post, so since the end of the year is upon us, stay tuned for that post as well.

Farewell loves. Trenticus.

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Bryan Watts said...

That's awesome Trent! I can't imagine knowing enough Greek to translate all of James! I mean you hd hep, but still...

It's so cool that we are able to look at it, too. Congrats on your grades from last semester and good luck with this one. :)