scream your heart out

its been a long time since i've done one of these, but i've been having a lot of thoughts on my mind lately so i figured i would restart fresh and anew with a new blog, new site, new everything. xanga is dead.. or overrun by 12 year olds.. or both.

school is going well this semester. 12 hours. but likely the toughest 12 hours i've ever taken, but 9 of the most rewarding hours too. my spanish class sucks, although there is some lovely inspiration in there. the other courses are constitutional law, american foreign policy, and international terrorism.

in my international terrorism class, which is the best one this semester by far, we've had a lot of long, at length discussions on some very relevant, controversial issues. it seems to be a very rewarding class.

this post is more serious than i would have liked but.. whatev. enjoy. i shall return soon.

if terrorism is effective means for the terrorists to convey their messages and achieve their goals, does it become morally acceptable? ponder that one.

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