the rise of socialism

what has happened to the republican party? they sit around and argue against government abuse of power and socialism, now they are pushing for the biggest bailout in American, and probably even world, history. the republicans should be the ones trying to stop the democrats from doing this however we seem to support it just as strongly as they do. $700 billion dollars.. that is nearly $2300 in added tax liability per taxpayer. i can think of a lot of better things to do with my $2300.

bernanke is asking for this money to come and all actions to be "non-reviewable"......... if that bill passes... wow. that gives government way too much power to do as they please (i.e. not representing the wishes of the populous.. which is the grounds for democracy). this would be further proof of just how expansive our government is and we can do nothing about it, except elect new officials (and i dont mean obama). however, the new leadership always seems to fall under the same mantra as before and no real change takes place.

the financial leaders argue this bailout will fix the economy.. what happened to individual responsibility? if we can spend $700 billion now to bail out the companies, what happens down the road when other companies fail? are we going to tell them no? what makes one buy out better than another? and.. if we can spend $700 billion now, what is another say $700 million later.. it seems like chump change then. so how long with this buyout trend continue? further undermining the American spirit of individual responsibility for an individual's actions...

this argument affects many other aspects of life as well.. reaching into the welfare system, the healthcare system (and push for nationalization), the education system (by way of the welfare system), the Social Security system, and others.. its called SOCIAL security for a reason.. hence SOCIALISM. cradle to grave socialism is what runs the Democratic party and maintains their voting base for generations to come. i dont need to do anything for myself, the government will take care of me.

seriously, if i was a pathetic worthless life form with no pride or sense of self worth, i would simply sit home and mooch off the government.. why not? they'll provide what i need to live. but i dont want to just live. i want to be able to have the best life i can have. and if it means working hard, then where is the problem in that? i mean seriously, how pathetic can it be to sit at home all day and do absolutely nothing with your life? i get bored just being on summer break.. imagine an entire life (from birth to death) with no sense of worth in life.

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