from each according to his ability, to each according to his need

Wasting time on facebook, I ran across this political cartoon, and felt it was just too fitting not to share. Its ironic how socialism sounds so great to some, until you turn the tables back on themselves. Only then, when it is unfair also to them, do they disregard their own policies. NO ONE in their right mind would EVER work their butts off (like the rich have) only to have the profits of their hard work distributed to others who have not worked hard for it and don't have any sort of understanding of what hard work is. It's my recollection that Marxism failed.

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This is America. The land of opportunity. When did we forget this? Anyone can become anything they want to be in this country.. they only have to set their minds to it. No one is dealt an "unfair disadvantage" they aren't able to overcome through hard work and determination. Take the immensely wealthy Rush Limbaugh, who started off, not as a rich commentator, but as a poor college drop out working construction jobs.  He stayed determined to make something of himself and become better than what he was. Whether you agree or disagree with his views, his hard-work is an example that anyone can become anything they want.

Well, he is a white male so he has an "unfair advantage" which made it easier for him to succeed, you say? Well first of all, I disagree completely that anyone is dealt an unfair advantage or disadvantage that cannot be overcome, or lost, by hard work, or the lack thereof. Secondly, to give an example of a non-white person who has become extremely successful in the face of great adversity throughout his entire life is Democratic Presidential-nominee Barack Obama. While I do disagree strongly with nearly all of his policies, his story and rise to power is one to admire and seek to replicate. Obama was born to a non-existent father (as well as a polygamist and a drunk) and a mother who died when he was young. Not only the lack of true parents, he was born as a mixed race child. You can't get much more "underprivileged" than that. Yet despite ALL of these odds against him, he set out to make a name for himself and become something many only dream of. 

The difference he had was DETERMINATION and WORK ETHIC. That is exactly the thing people stricken with poverty are lacking. Get a little motivation and do something with yourself. Obama now has a 50/50 shot of being the next President of the United States of America, the leader of the free world, the most powerful position in the world. Not only the next President, but the FIRST ever black president, crossing a barrier no other person has ever done in the 230+ year history of this great country. Proving civil rights have reached a more equal state. 60 years ago, he could never have even had the dream of becoming President, or really anything for that matter. 

But times have changed, and here he is, knocking on the door of the White House. And he did it without the help of over-reaching governmental programs. Why can't he realize his own success and be an example to others to make something of themselves. Heres why: votes. A message of self-help doesn't gain voter support. A message of "I'll help you," let's get those rich whities for hoarding all that wealth, and here's some many programs to help you get a leg in society.. That gains votes.

Again, what has happened to America? Where is our "can-do" spirit? The gumption to make something of ourselves? To not just accept our situation, but to strive for more? To serve a higher purpose than merely existing? I can't ever imagine sitting at home doing absolutely nothing with my life, stealing the money of those who actually DO something with their lives. That, to me, is one of the most pathetic things ever. And I will go on to say, those who engage in this activity, or lack thereof, are part of the cause of this downfall of our great country. 

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