break it down

this whole week is fall break at nobts. i'm used to the 2 day fall break non-sense lsu and other schools have, but hey i'm not complaining! plus we get the whole week of for thanksgiving too, rather than just 2 days (again like lsu).. woot.

our fall break is pretty late though compared to most other schools so all my friends are either working or in school this week.. actually most of em have midterms this week.. so good luck to all y'all out there. hope y'all do well on em! but yeh it leaves me with not too terribly much to do during the week, so i'm being a good student and getting caught up/getting ahead in a few of my classes.. i know, what a nerd right?! haha.. yeh its true.

i've been loving this cold weather. i've had my windows open all day and all night.. i love to sleep in the cold. the colder the better.. mostly cuz it feels so good to crawl into bed and snuggle up in the blankets and such.. too bad its supposed to be warming up for the next couple days.. boo on that junk..

well hopefully the break will produce something of value. i'll be sure to keep y'all updated.


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