my dad sent me this video in an email yesterday. he doesn't send me stuff like this very often so I figured it must be something worth watching/hearing.. i'm definitely glad he passed it along to me.. and so should you, because now I'm sharing it with you =)

this guy is a pretty great singer, but i'm posting it more for the introduction he gives the song.. anyhow, watch and enjoy. (oh don't read my post-video comments til after the video please.. dont want to ruin anything! haha.. actually i think i'll make sure to be vague enough for those of you who don't follow directions well :p

so i always knew John Newton was a slave owner and all that jazz.. but seeing this take on it added a whole new depth and level of inspiration to this incredible song! it only seems to get better every day haha! =) you can't watch this video and not be in awe of how amazing God is and the incredible divine providence He uses to make all things, even a song of sorrow on a slave ship, glorify Him in abundant ways.. God is so good!

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